Tied and Helpless

Tied and helpless.. You are all mine.

You have no choice. You submit yourself and your body to my touches.

Every touch feels different, you can’t say no.. and you can’t ask for more, cause you know the more you ask the less you get.

I have been teasing your body for so long now, sometimes slowly.. and sometimes roughly. But never pushed you over the edge.

Your pussy is wet, horny, needy and throbbing! You need to cum badly, but all you do is arch your back trying to get more of my touches. You know the last time you begged for my cock, you were punished for it.

I press my finger against your clit, stroke it, rub your wetness all over it… thinking you have been behaving well and that filthy naughty pussy deserves to be fucked properly now. I look at you as I reach for my pants and start undoing them. You were shivering just at the thought that finally I will fuck you hard and fill that hungry pussy with my big cock. I stroke my hard cock in my hands as I ask you:

“Is my little fuck toy ready for her present?”

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