Incest: Why is it a taboo?

If you have been following me for sometime, you might already know that when it comes to sex, I have very few inhibitions or limits. I am not going to talk about what my limits are here, but I wanted to talk about something that is a limit, a taboo and/or something unquestionable nor imaginable to some, yet turns other people on like no other.

So… Why would it be a turn on to fuck your dad, mom, sister and/or brother?

Well, why wouldn’t it? they are two human being, with minds, bodies and desires just like any two other people.

Maybe it’s the domination.. maybe you want to feel more dominant by watching your mom spreading her legs and begging for you to fuck her.

Maybe it’s the submission.. and you want to feel more submissive by being daddy’s girl and getting on your knees and rubbing his cock against your face.

Maybe you just want to be naughty and dirty, and fuck your brother or sister in one of those family meetings then go out and have dinner with a big smile that no one knows what’s behind it.

Maybe you just want to take the closeness you feel towards a family member a step further and get physical.

Or maybe you are just so horny and want to fuck the first person you have your eyes on.

(I don’t mean to exclude other combinations and/or reasons.. just giving examples)

But they are family, for god’s sake!” — I can hear it in your head already :) yeah, maybe being a taboo is making it even more appealing! ;)

But that’s just sick!” — says who? Is there a respected study that classifies it as a disorder?

But that’s┬áharassment!” — Seriously?! You can’t make a difference between child molesting and rape on one hand and sex between two consenting grown ups on the other hand?

But it’s against the law!” — Not everywhere ;) And anyway, we make the law! law doesn’t make us. Remember how law treated people from different sexual orientation or different ethnicity years ago?

But it’s not normal!” — and what exactly is normal? Is it what the majority does? Is it what feels right? Is it what the pope says is right? Is it what mommy and daddy taught you?

Just for your information, In the middle-east, sleeping with and getting married to cousins is “normal” and till a couple decades ago, it was favored over strangers. In the western world, that’s incest (some might be saying now .. well, kind of) and against the law to get married to your cousin too. So are the millions in the west “normal” ? or the millions in the “east”? And if it’s just something cultural like many other things… then what’s the big deal?

But it will harm their relationship!” — Who are you to decide? Would you want me to tell what to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do what you want and let people do what they want without framing, judging or stereotyping them.

But it’s against religion!” — Oh, please!!! :D

But no one does that!” — because you haven’t seen someone who does? Well, how many people have you seen masturbating? How many thoughts did you have, sexual or not, and no one knows about? ;)

But still, even if it happens it’s something not common!” — So we need to judge what’s good and what’s not based on the frequency of it happening? and what is the satisfying ratio for you then? Studies say that the percentage of gay people in any given society range between 5% and 10%. Should we say they are good or bad? is 3% bad then? is 15% good?

But I can’t picture it!” — It’s ok, I respect that. I am not asking you to fuck your mom or dad. I just wanted to say that we should be open and accept the fact that other people can have different choices and that doesn’t make them bad, sick or disgusting.


Would like to hear from you all. Feedback, reflections, hate ( It doesn’t hurt, assholes are everywhere anyway! ) or whatever :)

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