Question: Reasons behind being a sub?

I’d just like to say i rather admire you, im a 18 year old girl, & so many men act like sex is some kind of dirty heartless act, to me its the closest you can be to someone, so im abit up tight, i can’t have sex with just anyone, i want to ask your opinion on something because you don’t seem judgmental, i grew up with christian parents & grandparents. i was grounded for staying at my boyfriend’s house & my mother always tried to control anything like that. Now if i have sex, i always have to be a sub, to just be powerless with no say or anything maybe i dont have the confidence i dont know but id like to know why you think that may be or how i could deal with it? ta, pixie x

Hello Pixie,

I am glad that you took the step to write to me :) and I apologize for taking some time to write back to you. Read more of this post

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