Having my cock sucked…

I am posting this after reading all about how Gillian loves sucking cock and how inspired and horny it got me.

I love having my cock sucked …

The act of giving itself (that’s why I prefer either ways of oral sex – both receiving and giving – over a 69 )

When I lay back and let my hands run on her hair as I look into her eyes while watching her tease me with her tongue first … finding her way around my dick with her tongue like they never met before …

Then this first moment when she decides she wants – and needs – her lips wrapped around me … feeling myself getting harder in her mouth .. her soft lips caressing my cock .. then her needy cheeks wrapped around my hardness sucking on me.

Driving both of us wild .. my hands move from caressing her hair to gently demanding more by running to the back of her head and urging her to take more of me… Instead of teasing me she is pressing my cock against her throat .. taking me down her velvet tightness .. she might gag and drool on my cock .. but some how it just makes both of us want more.

Reaching down to take her tits in my hands .. toying with her nipples as she sucks harder on me .. her hand toying with my balls .. her fingers teasingly and shyly brushing against my ass

I want more still…

taking her hair in my hand … I groan .. moan … and throw my head back as I start fucking her mouth …

wanting her, needing her, owning her, dominating her, being selfish and wanting all the pleasure.. yet at the same time loving her.. I let all those feelings take me in a wild ride, closing my eyes, I scream her name as I let her know I am cumming with a deep moan .. letting her decide if she wants my cum all over her face or right down her throat.

What would you want?

Building things up…

Building things up

Building things up


This moment, when we are half naked, me undressing you, kissing you as I do so…

My hand running on your naked ass. I love feeling your skin against my finger tips. Making sure I very lightly brush against your pussy and asshole as I run my hands all over your ass and up your spines

Rubbing my face against your tits, teasing their softness with my lips and tongue … avoiding the nipples though.

I love those times where we build things up .. lots of touching, kissing, holding, fondling and kissing … as long as we can .. before I just can’t hold back any longer and fuck you so hard.

I love it when we kiss and touch like we have all eternity… but then fuck each other hard like the world would come to an end the next minutes.

What do you like?

Make me yours!

Make me yours!

Make me yours!


We haven’t met for a long time… I missed you so bad, I have been thinking of how your lips feel between mine, how my hands feel on your face, how your body feels between my arms, how your breath feels on my neck.

We are finally alone… The moment I saw you, I had lots of feelings storming through me. I didn’t know whether I want you more or need you. I didn’t know where should I start, I wanted to tell you about everything that happened since we last met, I wanted to kiss you, caress you and cuddle with you and I wanted to fuck you!

My hands reaching for you as we move closer, smiles on our faces and our eyes locked. We kissed, hugged and held each other tight. Just then I knew, I wanted you.. and I needed you altogether. I want to show it all, our kisses are getting deeper, your hands are roaming all over my body, setting me on fire. Something in me started screaming, “I want you in me!”

Pushing you back on the bed and straddling your sexy body. My hands on your chest feeling your muscles. My lips locked with yours and our tongues dancing together. I can feel you want me too, need me badly.

I miss that feeling when I am away from you.. the feeling of being wanted!

My hips moving on their own, grinding against your hard on.. I can feel my panties soaked and I just want my pussy wrapped around you.

I lean forward as I kiss my way down to your ears and whisper “Take me and make me yours!”


I thought I can try and write from the woman’s point of view. Comments?

Your naked wet skin against mine

I want to take you in the shower .. feel your naked wet skin against mine.

Hold you close to me.. grind our bodies together .. let you feel how hard you make me as i hold you from behind with my hard cock pressed between your delicious ass cheeks.

My arms wrapped around you to caress your front .. my finger tips running on your tummy and slowly up between your tits … before i cup them .. hold them to feel their softness .. then squeeze them as you feel my breath against your neck.

my tongue teasing its way up to your ears before i nibble on them and whisper to you how I am going to take you right there.. right now!

Look in my eyes & let me have you!

I want to look in your eyes the first time I am sliding my cock inside your pussy. I want my hands in your hair pulling your head up to me so I can watch your face as I can feel my thickness ever so slowly sliding inside your tight wetness. I want you to see me groan as inch after another of my hard cock slide in you. I want to lean against you and kiss you deeply. Slowly thrusting in and out of your tight, hot, wet pussy as I feel your tits against my chest……

but as we go wilder I will flip you on all fours. and fuck you from behind.. feeling your ass with my hands and holding it to pull you tighter against me as I fuck you hard.

would you feel hot knowing that i am spreading your ass cheeks and I am looking at my cock moving in and out of your pussy?

That I am also looking at your naughty asshole winking at me and thinking of teasing it slowly with my wet finger?

Wet Love

Wet Love

Wet Love

Once we were in the shower together. I was behind her holding her against me. Our wet skin against each other always felt so nice. My arms were around her feeling her up and down as I kiss and nibble on her neck. I was getting hard against her ass and my hand started running down to her pussy.

I didn’t know what brought the idea this moment (other than being a fantasy of mine) but I just reached down and spread her pussy lips with two fingers and whispered to her ear … “let go… pee for me!” I felt her stiffen a little, so I reached with my other hand and teased her clit by lightly slapping it with my finger and whispered again “I want you to do it for me as I hold those wet pussy lips open” …. and she just did!

It was just filthy and erotic… I started slapping and rubbing her spread pussy with my hand as she continued to pee.. rubbing her clit and making a hot mess on both of us till she came between my hands.

That wasn’t the last time we did that….

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