Is your clit getting jealous?

Working my tongue

Working my tongue


Working my tongue slowly all around your tits .. licking your softness in circles .. yet not touching the nipple yet .. as i lick my way towards it … my hand cupping and feeling the other tit as i take my time to lick this one.

Flicking the tip of my tongue barely against your nipple .. then blowing lightly on it to feel your body shivering against me.

licking on it .. slurping .. then taking it between my lips to suck it … pull on it with my lips .. as my other hand slide down your tummy and cup your pussy

my finger sliding in your wetness as i start pulling on your nipples with my lips and suck harder … fingering you as i nibble on them and looking up to watch how much you like it.

Is your clit getting jealous?

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