A reserved colleague

Yesterday I was drinking with a colleague from work. She is always so reserved. She moved next to me and out of nowhere she said, “I want to do something in the next minute and if you don’t like forget it never happened, can you do that for me?”

I said yes. She moved in closer and she put her hands on my bulge and started squeezing my dick gently through my pants. I was taken by this coming from her. But I just looked at her eyes with a smile and let her continue feeling me. I was getting bigger against her hands. Her face and neck was flushing.

After awhile, I teased saying, “the minute you asked for is over.”
She looked at me and said,“I want to see it. I have noticed your bulge many times and I want to see it. I thought a lot about it.” I said, “then take it out.”.

She unzipped my pants and managed to get my hard on out of my zipper and she wrapped her fist around it and stroked it. I can hear her breath. Her eyes fixed on my hardness. She was biting her lips. I said, “you want to suck it”.

She looked up in my eyes then dropped her lips and took me in her mouth.

That night, we did not kiss. She didn’t want me touching her in any way. But she swallowed every drop. I called a cab for her and she went back home to her husband.

Me in boxers, not hard yet…

That’s me in boxers, semi-hard…

Me being artistic, while I’m horny

This is not an internet pic. That’s me trying to be artistic while I’m horny… quite a challenge I must say :)

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