Make me yours!

Make me yours!

Make me yours!


We haven’t met for a long time… I missed you so bad, I have been thinking of how your lips feel between mine, how my hands feel on your face, how your body feels between my arms, how your breath feels on my neck.

We are finally alone… The moment I saw you, I had lots of feelings storming through me. I didn’t know whether I want you more or need you. I didn’t know where should I start, I wanted to tell you about everything that happened since we last met, I wanted to kiss you, caress you and cuddle with you and I wanted to fuck you!

My hands reaching for you as we move closer, smiles on our faces and our eyes locked. We kissed, hugged and held each other tight. Just then I knew, I wanted you.. and I needed you altogether. I want to show it all, our kisses are getting deeper, your hands are roaming all over my body, setting me on fire. Something in me started screaming, “I want you in me!”

Pushing you back on the bed and straddling your sexy body. My hands on your chest feeling your muscles. My lips locked with yours and our tongues dancing together. I can feel you want me too, need me badly.

I miss that feeling when I am away from you.. the feeling of being wanted!

My hips moving on their own, grinding against your hard on.. I can feel my panties soaked and I just want my pussy wrapped around you.

I lean forward as I kiss my way down to your ears and whisper “Take me and make me yours!”


I thought I can try and write from the woman’s point of view. Comments?

Your naked wet skin against mine

I want to take you in the shower .. feel your naked wet skin against mine.

Hold you close to me.. grind our bodies together .. let you feel how hard you make me as i hold you from behind with my hard cock pressed between your delicious ass cheeks.

My arms wrapped around you to caress your front .. my finger tips running on your tummy and slowly up between your tits … before i cup them .. hold them to feel their softness .. then squeeze them as you feel my breath against your neck.

my tongue teasing its way up to your ears before i nibble on them and whisper to you how I am going to take you right there.. right now!

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