Tonight, you are mine.

Tonight you are mine

Tonight, you are mine


It has been a long time. We finally met.

The moment our eyes met earlier that night, I felt that urge, that need, to make hard, needy, rough love to you.

Tonight you are mine… mine to take, to love, to use, to worship, to own.

I will fuck you hard. So hard. I will use you for my pleasure, any way I desire. I will hurt you with my cock. I will fill your insides with my seed. I will consume you… But I will never stop kissing you.

Tonight, I want us to fall asleep with my arms around you and my cock deep inside you.

I want to make you mine…

Making you mine


I wanted to take you, ravish you… This morning, I want to own you, make you mine. I want to let our bodies express all the need, lust and filth!

I want to fuck your mouth.. And I don’t mean letting you suck my cock. No, I want to really fuck your mouth, looking in your eyes with my hands in your hair as I look down to watch your lips wrapped around my thick shaft. I want to feel my cock fucking your throat, I want to feel you struggling to take all my nine inches down your throat as you gag and drool on my cock. I want to pull my cock out and slap your beautiful face with it.

Then I want to bend you over, spank you, tell you what a dirty girl you are as I make you spread your ass cheeks apart for me, exposing yourself to my hungry eyes. I will kneel down behind you and lick both your pussy and asshole.. lick them, suck them, tongue fuck them both.. getting all messy and wet.

Today I will be rough, today I won’t tease.. today I will just take your hips in my hands and thrust my cock in one fast HARD push inside your cunt, watching your pussy lips open up around my hard thick shaft, as i tease your asshole with my finger.Pulling your hair I will fuck you really hard and deep, pulling almost all the way out before thrust all the way deep till my balls slap your clit.

I will lean forward and suck on your neck before I whisper.. “cum around my cock, my lovely slut, cum all over me before I pound your asshole just as hard…”

Wet Love

Wet Love

Wet Love

Once we were in the shower together. I was behind her holding her against me. Our wet skin against each other always felt so nice. My arms were around her feeling her up and down as I kiss and nibble on her neck. I was getting hard against her ass and my hand started running down to her pussy.

I didn’t know what brought the idea this moment (other than being a fantasy of mine) but I just reached down and spread her pussy lips with two fingers and whispered to her ear … “let go… pee for me!” I felt her stiffen a little, so I reached with my other hand and teased her clit by lightly slapping it with my finger and whispered again “I want you to do it for me as I hold those wet pussy lips open” …. and she just did!

It was just filthy and erotic… I started slapping and rubbing her spread pussy with my hand as she continued to pee.. rubbing her clit and making a hot mess on both of us till she came between my hands.

That wasn’t the last time we did that….

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