I want to “rape” you.

I want to

Been a long time

It has been such a long time…

I missed you. I still do. I need you, and I want you even more. Our lips met, right after our eyes. Our clothes were flying away as my tongue caressed yours. Groaning and moaning against your lips. My cock hard pressing against you already. My arms around you lifting you off the ground, as I take you to our bed as soon as we are naked.

I broke the kiss for a second to take your face between my hands and the moment I looked in your eyes, I knew that you don’t want any more foreplay. That you can’t wait to have me, as much as I want to have you. With a smile full of lust and passion..  With a mix of roughness and desire, I took your legs in my hands, and pushed them apart and against your chest,.

I lower myself on top of you and slowly let my cock find its way into your wet velvet lips, throwing my head back as I whisper your name and how bad I missed that feeling… being inside you.

Till I can feel all my hard nine inches inside you, my balls against you, your thighs against my chest and your eyes looking into mine. I lean forward to kiss you ever so gently before whispering…..

“Tonight, I want to “rape” you, baby!”

Tied and Helpless

Tied and helpless.. You are all mine.

You have no choice. You submit yourself and your body to my touches.

Every touch feels different, you can’t say no.. and you can’t ask for more, cause you know the more you ask the less you get.

I have been teasing your body for so long now, sometimes slowly.. and sometimes roughly. But never pushed you over the edge.

Your pussy is wet, horny, needy and throbbing! You need to cum badly, but all you do is arch your back trying to get more of my touches. You know the last time you begged for my cock, you were punished for it.

I press my finger against your clit, stroke it, rub your wetness all over it… thinking you have been behaving well and that filthy naughty pussy deserves to be fucked properly now. I look at you as I reach for my pants and start undoing them. You were shivering just at the thought that finally I will fuck you hard and fill that hungry pussy with my big cock. I stroke my hard cock in my hands as I ask you:

“Is my little fuck toy ready for her present?”

Ever been watched?

We just arrived to the hotel.. we were watching the view from our room.. It was just so perfect.. I needed to have you.. I looked into your eyes and knew what I wanted.. You wanted the same, so you answered with your hand running down to feel my bulge through my pants.

I just pulled the skirt above your waist as you pull my pants down .. kneeling to suck my cock for a minute before I take you in my arms and lift you up before I lower you on my cock.

We both saw the couple across the street watching, but it only made us fuck harder!

Ever been watched?

When we sneaked upstairs



I remember that day when your family invited me over at the country side… I remember every time we look at each other with eyes full of lust .. and I remember how I used to touch your thighs under the table as we do our best to make straight faces as my finger tips crawl up your skirt.

But what I remember most, is how we sneaked upstairs and once we closed the door, I didn’t waste a second, I pushed you back on this couch, pushed your legs up against your chest and spread for you to hold them there, your skirt was already riding up your hips … I looked into your eyes and pushed your panties to one side as I literally dived in to taste you …

I know you remember too, I know you remember how I was moaning and groaning against your pussy, as you felt my tongue finding it’s way inside your wetness.

I know you remember how did you taste your own pussy on my lips afterwards :)

Your naked wet skin against mine

I want to take you in the shower .. feel your naked wet skin against mine.

Hold you close to me.. grind our bodies together .. let you feel how hard you make me as i hold you from behind with my hard cock pressed between your delicious ass cheeks.

My arms wrapped around you to caress your front .. my finger tips running on your tummy and slowly up between your tits … before i cup them .. hold them to feel their softness .. then squeeze them as you feel my breath against your neck.

my tongue teasing its way up to your ears before i nibble on them and whisper to you how I am going to take you right there.. right now!

Look in my eyes & let me have you!

I want to look in your eyes the first time I am sliding my cock inside your pussy. I want my hands in your hair pulling your head up to me so I can watch your face as I can feel my thickness ever so slowly sliding inside your tight wetness. I want you to see me groan as inch after another of my hard cock slide in you. I want to lean against you and kiss you deeply. Slowly thrusting in and out of your tight, hot, wet pussy as I feel your tits against my chest……

but as we go wilder I will flip you on all fours. and fuck you from behind.. feeling your ass with my hands and holding it to pull you tighter against me as I fuck you hard.

would you feel hot knowing that i am spreading your ass cheeks and I am looking at my cock moving in and out of your pussy?

That I am also looking at your naughty asshole winking at me and thinking of teasing it slowly with my wet finger?

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