Studs vs. Sluts

No Standards

"Normal" is a cruel invention

Everyday there is something that limits us. Sometimes it’s for “our own sake” and sometimes it’s not. The problem is that we are not the only people who judge that. But there are lots of other things; people, friends, society, governments, laws, doctors, soap operas, fashion lines… etc.

The fact is, Humans are complex.. There should be NO standards!

The word “normal” should be removed from our dictionaries, as it’s the root to all the discrimination  and social prisons out there.

Sometimes I wish all of us depended on the human in us and on our personal values to decide how our world can be without waiting for anything to be enforced on us.

Be fat, be gay, be queer, be slutty, be promiscuous, be a nun, be religious, be atheist, be slim, be naked… Be whatever you want for yourself to be, judge yourself and don’t let others impose their own norms on you. That’s the only way we can forget about the hate the society puts in us towards others just because they are “different”.

A guy who has different sexual experiences is called a “stud” indicating how manly he is and gives a good sense of the word all of the time. On the other hand, a woman who does exactly the same is called a “slut” indicating how demeaning to herself that she agreed to have multiple sexual partners and gives a bad sense of the word most of the time. These are double standards that our society puts in us all the time and we end up hating something we want just because we don’t want to be labelled in a bad and/or demeaning way.

Is there a masculine equivalent of a “slut” ? is there a feminine equivalent of a “stud”?

That’s one reason that I intend to run a blog which is very sexual, with virtually very little or no limits, and with uninhibited fantasies. Because I know these fantasies exist out there within LOTS of us, but we learnt to deny them because as human beings we do seek the approval of the society we belong to subconsciously and sometimes we even end up hating ourselves.

To me personally, the word “slut” means, “A woman who is willing to openly pursue her sexual desires without fear of judgement”

I would appreciate hearing what you all think about that?

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