A reserved colleague

Yesterday I was drinking with a colleague from work. She is always so reserved. She moved next to me and out of nowhere she said, “I want to do something in the next minute and if you don’t like forget it never happened, can you do that for me?”

I said yes. She moved in closer and she put her hands on my bulge and started squeezing my dick gently through my pants. I was taken by this coming from her. But I just looked at her eyes with a smile and let her continue feeling me. I was getting bigger against her hands. Her face and neck was flushing.

After awhile, I teased saying, “the minute you asked for is over.”
She looked at me and said,“I want to see it. I have noticed your bulge many times and I want to see it. I thought a lot about it.” I said, “then take it out.”.

She unzipped my pants and managed to get my hard on out of my zipper and she wrapped her fist around it and stroked it. I can hear her breath. Her eyes fixed on my hardness. She was biting her lips. I said, “you want to suck it”.

She looked up in my eyes then dropped her lips and took me in her mouth.

That night, we did not kiss. She didn’t want me touching her in any way. But she swallowed every drop. I called a cab for her and she went back home to her husband.



I consider myself polyamorous and it’s something that is hard to understand for many. It took me a long time to fully understanding myself. At first I saw myself as just another horny guy who can’t stop himself from wanting women, all of them. And I was seeing myself that way, not because I wanted “all women”, it was because I was comparing myself to the society where men and women grow up with the fact that the desire to be with ONE partner is what’s normal and accepted.

There is also a difference between polyamory and polygamy. You can have more than one close friend that you truly love and enjoy time with, even though you still have ONE favorite best friend.

It was hard for me to accept the fact that I need, want and enjoy affection. That I can’t hold myself back and just force myself to direct all my feelings towards one single person. Now that I accept it and accept myself without having to live with guilt imposed by the society, I am happy, I know what I want and it’s easier for me to be clear with others about it up front, so no one will get hurt.

Polyamory is not about being greedy. Polyamory is not about sex. Even though sex is a good aspect of it, just like any sexual/intimate relationship.

Were you ever in a relationship and caught yourself enjoying a moment with another person and gave you butterflies and just wanted to let go and kiss them but you just kept holding back and repeating to yourself “I don’t cheat”?

Did you ever feel a strong feeling towards a friend that you couldn’t identify it whether it was just lust, love or just being really close to a friend?

If that’s the case, does it make you feel any better knowing that you are not alone?

Domination is earned not taken.

While talking with one of the readers. I have realized that some of what I say might stir some bad memories. I write about passion, intimacy, lust and also about rough sex, domination, rape role-plays and the whole spectrum.
Let me start by saying that I am sorry if any of my words stirred up any undesired feelings in any of you.
I write about everything I like and I do so without referring to any relationship or a person in particular. It’s just me sharing my desires.

I am saying that because that’s totally different from how it’s like when you are with someone. When you are with someone, you do what you both like and desire.. not just your desires. I don’t do all and everything you read on my blog with every woman I end up with.

Even when I talk about forcing something on a woman I am with or being forceful and rough, I usually make sure it’s clear that around that force is intimacy, passion and caring for the other person. Because that’s how it is for me, really. No matter how rough I am, I do it only if I know the person on the receiving end is enjoying it as well.
Inflicting or forcing something upon someone else who is not welcoming/enjoying it, just makes me sick in fact, not to mention a turn off.

So the only situation that I will be doing everything I am saying on my blog with one person, would be meeting a female duplicate of myself. Which will be actually damn boring. No challenges, nothing to explore and no limits to push.

No matter how dominating or rough I can be, I can’t think of anything sexier than a strong woman who willingly give herself to me. I don’t think using or abusing a woman, emotionally speaking, is something I ever did nor ever will.

Even though some might disagree with me, I think domination is all about trust, and it is earned not taken.


That day with your family

French kissing your pussy

French kissing your pussy

I remember that day when your family invited me over at the country side… I remember every time we look at each other with eyes full of lust .. and I remember how I used to touch your thighs under the table as we do our best to make straight faces as my finger tips crawl up your skirt.

But what I remember most how we sneaked upstairs and once we closed the door, I didn’t waste a second, I pushed you back on this couch, pushed your legs up against your chest and spread for you to hold them there, your skirt was already riding up your hips … I looked into your eyes and pushed your panties to one side as I literally dived in to taste you …

I know you remember too, I know you remember how I was moaning and groaning against your pussy, as you felt my tongue finding it’s way inside your wetness.

I know you remember how did you taste your own pussy on my lips afterwards :)

Tonight, you are mine.

Tonight you are mine

Tonight, you are mine


It has been a long time. We finally met.

The moment our eyes met earlier that night, I felt that urge, that need, to make hard, needy, rough love to you.

Tonight you are mine… mine to take, to love, to use, to worship, to own.

I will fuck you hard. So hard. I will use you for my pleasure, any way I desire. I will hurt you with my cock. I will fill your insides with my seed. I will consume you… But I will never stop kissing you.

Tonight, I want us to fall asleep with my arms around you and my cock deep inside you.

I want to “rape” you.

I want to

Been a long time

It has been such a long time…

I missed you. I still do. I need you, and I want you even more. Our lips met, right after our eyes. Our clothes were flying away as my tongue caressed yours. Groaning and moaning against your lips. My cock hard pressing against you already. My arms around you lifting you off the ground, as I take you to our bed as soon as we are naked.

I broke the kiss for a second to take your face between my hands and the moment I looked in your eyes, I knew that you don’t want any more foreplay. That you can’t wait to have me, as much as I want to have you. With a smile full of lust and passion..  With a mix of roughness and desire, I took your legs in my hands, and pushed them apart and against your chest,.

I lower myself on top of you and slowly let my cock find its way into your wet velvet lips, throwing my head back as I whisper your name and how bad I missed that feeling… being inside you.

Till I can feel all my hard nine inches inside you, my balls against you, your thighs against my chest and your eyes looking into mine. I lean forward to kiss you ever so gently before whispering…..

“Tonight, I want to “rape” you, baby!”

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