Explore your guy…

Explore your guy

Explore your guy


I was just reading a very nice post by vixenincognito about how to please a man and thought I would add my two cents. This, of course, is based on my personal preference, so I don’t need to repeat after every word that I am talking about what I like and what I think other men might like as well.

Let me start all of this by saying, “Don’t take anything for granted. Communication is what makes sex best”. So express how you feel about things in bed and be receptive to how your partner feels and likes, let go and don’t think much.”

While sucking his cock, make sure he doesn’t get too sensitive, one good sign to watch that, is feeling him first getting hard and then getting softer again. Unless he is falling asleep or watching a football match, that mostly would mean that you are giving too much attention to the head or letting your teeth get in the way a little and he is getting too sensitive. If you think he is getting too sensitive, switch to licks instead of sucking, avoid the head and get his cock wet with your saliva (or flavored lube, or your pussy ;) )

Handjobs, guys generally ( or at least myself ) like them more than many would think. Guys grow up and the first sensation they experience when it comes to sex, is their own hand pleasing their cocks. So jerking his cock off will almost always be sexy. Speak about fantasies while you are giving him a slow handjob, ask him his naughtiest fantasies and tell him your naughtiest fantasies. You can watch porn together too ( if you are into that )

When you are sucking him or giving him a handjob, don’t limit yourself! Sometimes women tend to think that men are easy to figure out, they have this thing pointing out all the time, so that must be where he wants me to touch him, right? Well, yes, but we have a whole body as well.

So tease my balls, caress them, lick them, suck them. Run your hands on my skin all over, tease my nipples too (yeah, those work for men too), lick them and suck them as well (yeah, that doesn’t make me feel any less masculine as many might think). Touch my ass, tease it with your finger (wet preferably), lick it, finger it (but make sure I want you to first. And no, that doesn’t make any guy more or less gay.)

I might write a follow up to this later, but I think that will do for now.

Is your clit getting jealous?

Working my tongue

Working my tongue


Working my tongue slowly all around your tits .. licking your softness in circles .. yet not touching the nipple yet .. as i lick my way towards it … my hand cupping and feeling the other tit as i take my time to lick this one.

Flicking the tip of my tongue barely against your nipple .. then blowing lightly on it to feel your body shivering against me.

licking on it .. slurping .. then taking it between my lips to suck it … pull on it with my lips .. as my other hand slide down your tummy and cup your pussy

my finger sliding in your wetness as i start pulling on your nipples with my lips and suck harder … fingering you as i nibble on them and looking up to watch how much you like it.

Is your clit getting jealous?

I want to “rape” you.

I want to

Been a long time

It has been such a long time…

I missed you. I still do. I need you, and I want you even more. Our lips met, right after our eyes. Our clothes were flying away as my tongue caressed yours. Groaning and moaning against your lips. My cock hard pressing against you already. My arms around you lifting you off the ground, as I take you to our bed as soon as we are naked.

I broke the kiss for a second to take your face between my hands and the moment I looked in your eyes, I knew that you don’t want any more foreplay. That you can’t wait to have me, as much as I want to have you. With a smile full of lust and passion..  With a mix of roughness and desire, I took your legs in my hands, and pushed them apart and against your chest,.

I lower myself on top of you and slowly let my cock find its way into your wet velvet lips, throwing my head back as I whisper your name and how bad I missed that feeling… being inside you.

Till I can feel all my hard nine inches inside you, my balls against you, your thighs against my chest and your eyes looking into mine. I lean forward to kiss you ever so gently before whispering…..

“Tonight, I want to “rape” you, baby!”

I want to make you mine…

Making you mine


I wanted to take you, ravish you… This morning, I want to own you, make you mine. I want to let our bodies express all the need, lust and filth!

I want to fuck your mouth.. And I don’t mean letting you suck my cock. No, I want to really fuck your mouth, looking in your eyes with my hands in your hair as I look down to watch your lips wrapped around my thick shaft. I want to feel my cock fucking your throat, I want to feel you struggling to take all my nine inches down your throat as you gag and drool on my cock. I want to pull my cock out and slap your beautiful face with it.

Then I want to bend you over, spank you, tell you what a dirty girl you are as I make you spread your ass cheeks apart for me, exposing yourself to my hungry eyes. I will kneel down behind you and lick both your pussy and asshole.. lick them, suck them, tongue fuck them both.. getting all messy and wet.

Today I will be rough, today I won’t tease.. today I will just take your hips in my hands and thrust my cock in one fast HARD push inside your cunt, watching your pussy lips open up around my hard thick shaft, as i tease your asshole with my finger.Pulling your hair I will fuck you really hard and deep, pulling almost all the way out before thrust all the way deep till my balls slap your clit.

I will lean forward and suck on your neck before I whisper.. “cum around my cock, my lovely slut, cum all over me before I pound your asshole just as hard…”

Having my cock sucked…

I am posting this after reading all about how Gillian loves sucking cock and how inspired and horny it got me.

I love having my cock sucked …

The act of giving itself (that’s why I prefer either ways of oral sex – both receiving and giving – over a 69 )

When I lay back and let my hands run on her hair as I look into her eyes while watching her tease me with her tongue first … finding her way around my dick with her tongue like they never met before …

Then this first moment when she decides she wants – and needs – her lips wrapped around me … feeling myself getting harder in her mouth .. her soft lips caressing my cock .. then her needy cheeks wrapped around my hardness sucking on me.

Driving both of us wild .. my hands move from caressing her hair to gently demanding more by running to the back of her head and urging her to take more of me… Instead of teasing me she is pressing my cock against her throat .. taking me down her velvet tightness .. she might gag and drool on my cock .. but some how it just makes both of us want more.

Reaching down to take her tits in my hands .. toying with her nipples as she sucks harder on me .. her hand toying with my balls .. her fingers teasingly and shyly brushing against my ass

I want more still…

taking her hair in my hand … I groan .. moan … and throw my head back as I start fucking her mouth …

wanting her, needing her, owning her, dominating her, being selfish and wanting all the pleasure.. yet at the same time loving her.. I let all those feelings take me in a wild ride, closing my eyes, I scream her name as I let her know I am cumming with a deep moan .. letting her decide if she wants my cum all over her face or right down her throat.

What would you want?

Tied and Helpless

Tied and helpless.. You are all mine.

You have no choice. You submit yourself and your body to my touches.

Every touch feels different, you can’t say no.. and you can’t ask for more, cause you know the more you ask the less you get.

I have been teasing your body for so long now, sometimes slowly.. and sometimes roughly. But never pushed you over the edge.

Your pussy is wet, horny, needy and throbbing! You need to cum badly, but all you do is arch your back trying to get more of my touches. You know the last time you begged for my cock, you were punished for it.

I press my finger against your clit, stroke it, rub your wetness all over it… thinking you have been behaving well and that filthy naughty pussy deserves to be fucked properly now. I look at you as I reach for my pants and start undoing them. You were shivering just at the thought that finally I will fuck you hard and fill that hungry pussy with my big cock. I stroke my hard cock in my hands as I ask you:

“Is my little fuck toy ready for her present?”

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