I consider myself polyamorous and it’s something that is hard to understand for many. It took me a long time to fully understanding myself. At first I saw myself as just another horny guy who can’t stop himself from wanting women, all of them. And I was seeing myself that way, not because I wanted “all women”, it was because I was comparing myself to the society where men and women grow up with the fact that the desire to be with ONE partner is what’s normal and accepted.

There is also a difference between polyamory and polygamy. You can have more than one close friend that you truly love and enjoy time with, even though you still have ONE favorite best friend.

It was hard for me to accept the fact that I need, want and enjoy affection. That I can’t hold myself back and just force myself to direct all my feelings towards one single person. Now that I accept it and accept myself without having to live with guilt imposed by the society, I am happy, I know what I want and it’s easier for me to be clear with others about it up front, so no one will get hurt.

Polyamory is not about being greedy. Polyamory is not about sex. Even though sex is a good aspect of it, just like any sexual/intimate relationship.

Were you ever in a relationship and caught yourself enjoying a moment with another person and gave you butterflies and just wanted to let go and kiss them but you just kept holding back and repeating to yourself “I don’t cheat”?

Did you ever feel a strong feeling towards a friend that you couldn’t identify it whether it was just lust, love or just being really close to a friend?

If that’s the case, does it make you feel any better knowing that you are not alone?

About Sam Dolan
I am Sam Dolan, and this is a place to explore fantasies and escape reality. Find me here: https://sexplor.wordpress.com | http://twitter.com/samdln

4 Responses to Polyamory

  1. pivoine68 says:

    I am drawing the same conclusions for myself and it is really freeing. I have spent so much time being torn up about my sexuality….finally I am realizing that sex and love go together sometimes, sometimes they are a million miles apart. I am fortunate because I can love someone for an afternoon. Or for a lifetime. I think that I am happy too. Finally! :)


    • Sam Dolan says:

      I am glad and happy for you to hear that. I love what you said about how fortunate it is to be able to love for an afternoon or a lifetime.

      Stay happy, loving and naughty :)

  2. Hey Sam – thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad I brought you back to the blogosphere :)

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