That day with your family

French kissing your pussy

French kissing your pussy

I remember that day when your family invited me over at the country side… I remember every time we look at each other with eyes full of lust .. and I remember how I used to touch your thighs under the table as we do our best to make straight faces as my finger tips crawl up your skirt.

But what I remember most how we sneaked upstairs and once we closed the door, I didn’t waste a second, I pushed you back on this couch, pushed your legs up against your chest and spread for you to hold them there, your skirt was already riding up your hips … I looked into your eyes and pushed your panties to one side as I literally dived in to taste you …

I know you remember too, I know you remember how I was moaning and groaning against your pussy, as you felt my tongue finding it’s way inside your wetness.

I know you remember how did you taste your own pussy on my lips afterwards :)

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