Domination is earned not taken.

While talking with one of the readers. I have realized that some of what I say might stir some bad memories. I write about passion, intimacy, lust and also about rough sex, domination, rape role-plays and the whole spectrum.
Let me start by saying that I am sorry if any of my words stirred up any undesired feelings in any of you.
I write about everything I like and I do so without referring to any relationship or a person in particular. It’s just me sharing my desires.

I am saying that because that’s totally different from how it’s like when you are with someone. When you are with someone, you do what you both like and desire.. not just your desires. I don’t do all and everything you read on my blog with every woman I end up with.

Even when I talk about forcing something on a woman I am with or being forceful and rough, I usually make sure it’s clear that around that force is intimacy, passion and caring for the other person. Because that’s how it is for me, really. No matter how rough I am, I do it only if I know the person on the receiving end is enjoying it as well.
Inflicting or forcing something upon someone else who is not welcoming/enjoying it, just makes me sick in fact, not to mention a turn off.

So the only situation that I will be doing everything I am saying on my blog with one person, would be meeting a female duplicate of myself. Which will be actually damn boring. No challenges, nothing to explore and no limits to push.

No matter how dominating or rough I can be, I can’t think of anything sexier than a strong woman who willingly give herself to me. I don’t think using or abusing a woman, emotionally speaking, is something I ever did nor ever will.

Even though some might disagree with me, I think domination is all about trust, and it is earned not taken.


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2 Responses to Domination is earned not taken.

  1. jayne says:

    Your writing has always given me this impression you speak of. Nice to see your posts again. J

  2. haha silly man, just because you think there would be no challenge in meeting your equal, does not make it so ;)
    you can never have a duplicate but you can have someone similar enough and passionate enough to try and push your limits, turn the tables on you and enjoy “losing” the battle of wills

    like a good game of chess, letting you win but keeping you on your toes up till the end… now that is pleasure


    thank you for being a gentleman in the rough ;)

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