Tonight, you are mine.

Tonight you are mine

Tonight, you are mine


It has been a long time. We finally met.

The moment our eyes met earlier that night, I felt that urge, that need, to make hard, needy, rough love to you.

Tonight you are mine… mine to take, to love, to use, to worship, to own.

I will fuck you hard. So hard. I will use you for my pleasure, any way I desire. I will hurt you with my cock. I will fill your insides with my seed. I will consume you… But I will never stop kissing you.

Tonight, I want us to fall asleep with my arms around you and my cock deep inside you.

About Sam Dolan
I am Sam Dolan, and this is a place to explore fantasies and escape reality. Find me here: |

One Response to Tonight, you are mine.

  1. pivoine68 says:

    That sounds like exactly what I am longing for. Very nice Mr. Dolan.


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