That Moment when: You “otherize” someone.

Today I was riding a bus, watching thunder through the window and I started thinking about this meme that spread quite rapidly “That Moment”. How the idea is actually nice – much nicer than the “Harlem Shake” meme – where people share these little moments worldwide because sometime, somewhere, somehow, there was that moment where they felt exactly the same like all these other people who shared it.

That reminded me of the “Otherization” theory/concept, which simply says that mankind in general is born to love his kind, not to hate them, to protect them, not to hurt them. But all of this changes when you “otherize” someone, or in other words, see someone as if s/he belongs to the “others” group, not to the “us” group.

A simple example; Billions of us eat meat, chicken, pork and fish every single day without thinking twice about it nor stopping to say, “how can someone kill a cow?! That’s inhumane!” But on the other, show a little video of a dog, a cat or a bird being maltreated and these people who were eating all these animals in a heart beat would be in rage and some might wish that whoever is doing this to the dog die. Why are we responding differently to two animals?¬†Because dogs are our pets, they are with “us”. Cows are somewhere faraway, with “others”, and we want to keep them that way to keep eating them with peace in mind.

We do the same in everyday of our lives without realizing, we love and hate people, we protect some and don’t care about others, and that’s because we consciously or subconsciously categorize people, “US” and “Others”. We do it so often that it became acceptable.

Every time you lean towards one of your colleagues to talk about another, you are doing it. Every time you look at a girl wearing tight clothes and all you can think about is “slut”, you are doing it. Every time you see a nun/priest and right away you think “fucking conservatives!”, you are doing it. And the list can go on…

It doesn’t matter how you look, It doesn’t matter what you believe in, It doesn’t matter what you wear and it doesn’t matter that you have flaws or that you do mistakes.. Because we ALL have flaws, we ALL do mistakes and we are ALL human. We all belong to “US” and there are no “Others”.

Take one minute a day to find something that you like, about someone that you hate. Then take another minute to accept and make peace with a flaw you personally have. Today, no need to change it or deny it, just accept it.

I believe if we all that, the world will be a better place!

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3 Responses to That Moment when: You “otherize” someone.


  2. night owl says:

    While I like your sex posts, I love this post. It gives me faith that guys with big cocks have big hearts, too.
    Night Owl

  3. jayne says:

    I think this is one of your sexiest posts Mr Dolan – and I remember the “getting out of the shower” towel holder you were one day a long time ago. ; ) Jayne

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